Covid Update

Covid Update
NI Golf Tours Covid-19 Plan 2022

This plan incorporates current advice about measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. As the advice issued by public health authorities in Dublin and Belfast continues to evolve, this plan and the measures employers and workers need to address may also change. This is a living document. The key to a safe and continued return requires clear communication and a shared collaborative approach between all involved in competition golf, competitors, volunteers and staff members.

NI Golf Tours have partnered with the GUI in respect of this tournament and due adherence must always be paid to the latest version of the GUI/ILGU Protocol Document as a minimum standard, which is available from as well as the latest public health guidelines as advised by the Government.

NI Golf Tours staff will do all that they can to signpost relevant and up-to-date information on COVID-19 to all participants prior to their participation. Links to relevant information resources will be compiled and sent to all players one week in advance of their tour/tournament so they are fully aware.

All clubs and venues have their own signage already in place and this has been noted in the site inspections and been clarified by the respective clubs/venues. In addition, NI Golf Tours will have their own staff protection screen on check-in as well as face coverings and gloves etc. for all staff working the event.

All event staff engaged in the running of the competition (as Tour/Tournament Director, Referee, Starter, Recorder, etc) have been briefed in respect of the latest public health guidelines and are aware of the precautions they must take. All staff members are also required to complete a Covid-19 self-assessment form in advance of commencing work at the tour/tournament. All staff will be briefed in relation to: what someone should do if they develop symptoms of COVID-19; details of how the site is organised to address the risk from COVID-19; an outline of the COVID-19 response plan; identification of points of contact; and any other advice that is relevant.

All NI Golf Tours staff will take advice on the potential requirement to temperature test any or all cohort(s) on site at the event, currently this is not a requirement. All players will be advised not to present themselves for play if they show any symptoms.

 The following steps outline how NI Golf Tours staff will respond if there is a suspected case identified.

  • Any participant, staff member or volunteer with symptoms should report the matter to the nearest referee/official or the Tour/Tournament Director without delay. Any such competitor reporting symptoms will be obliged to immediately withdraw from the tournament.
  • At least two locations on site will be designated for isolation purposes if necessary. If a person develops symptoms, they should be placed in isolation in designated location A. Should a second or subsequent suspected case be identified simultaneously, designated location B should be used as a back-up isolation area. The doors to the isolation areas should be closed when occupied. Hand sanitizers, tissues and wipes must be available in these areas.
  • A staff member, official or the Tour/Tournament Director should accompany the individual to the isolation area keeping a distance of 2 metres at all times.
  • Staff will endeavour to provide a mask for the person presenting with symptoms if they do not immediately have one and if one is available. The individual should wear the mask if in a common area with other people or while exiting the site.
  • The unwell individual will immediately be directed to go home & book an appointment at a designated covid-19 test site.

Retention of entry data collected by NI Golf Tours will ensure a record of the identity of all participants is maintained on site during the event via the entry data collected. The purpose of this data retention will be made clear to the players when they are asked to register on day one.

The use of facemasks is currently advised where social distancing is impracticable. A facemask will be provided to each participant in their welcome pack, along with a bottle of hand sanitiser. A large supply of latex-free non-sterile gloves will be available to ensure safe handling of any event related material by staff members which may be required in preparing for and running the championship. Some examples: – Moving stakes, flagsticks and any other communal touchpoints in course setup – Plugging in and out battery chargers on buggies – Handling scorecards (if backup scoring option is required to be used) Gloves should be used for singular purposes and disposed of immediately in a plastic bag after one use. They should not be worn for a protracted length of time and for the purpose of handling multiple objects as this may contribute to the spread of the virus.

Hand Sanitiser will ensure that there are facilities for regular hand-sanitising at check-in each day and on the first tee. All players will also receive a pocket-sized bottle of sanitiser to use during the tour/tournament in their welcome pack and a further supply of these will be available from the Tour/Tournament Director if required. Sanitizer will also be affixed to the markers in use for the long drive and nearest the pin competitions at each venue and participants will be advised to only touch the markers if they are adding their name and to sanitize both before and after using the pens/markers.

All players will be required to complete a Covid-19 survey before they will be permitted to participate in the event. As part of this they must agree that should they develop symptoms or be made aware that they are a close contact of someone who has Covid-19 at any point before or during the tournament that they will advise the Tour/Tournament staff, remove themselves from the tournament and isolate as per public health guidelines with immediate effect. Participants will also have to attest before participating that, having read the information in the links provided in advance, they are aware of the risks and the need for adherence to all public health measures, and are intending to participate in the event in full acknowledgement of same.

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