Ireland Golf Trips

Discovering the Best Ireland Golf Trips with NI Golf Tours

There’s a certain allure to golfing in Ireland – the lush green courses, the historical clubhouses, and the challenge of playing in the unpredictable Irish weather. Ireland has long been a favourite destination for golf enthusiasts worldwide. With NI Golf Tours, you get to experience the very best of Ireland golf trips, tailor-made just for you.

Ireland Golf Trip Courses Include:

  • No. 1 course in the world Royal County Down
  • The Open Championship venue Royal Portrush (2025)
  • Adare Manor (Ryder Cup 2027)

The Charm of Ireland’s Golf Courses

Irish golf courses offer a mix of traditional links and modern designs. From the world-renowned courses in Dublin to the hidden gems in the heart of Ireland, every course presents a unique challenge, combined with breathtaking views and warm hospitality.

Why Choose NI Golf Tours?

At NI Golf Tours, we believe in providing a personalised experience. Here’s what sets our Ireland golf trips apart:

  • Customised Tours: Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned golfer, we customise the trip to match your skills and preferences.
  • Local Expertise: Our team, rooted in Ireland, knows the ins and outs of every course, ensuring you get the best tee times and post-round activities.
  • Packages: From accommodation to transportation, we handle it all. Focus on your game and leave the logistics to us!

Embarking on Your Golfing Adventure

NI Golf Tours promises not just a golfing trip, but an Irish experience. Our packages often include exploratory visits to local attractions, whiskey tasting sessions, and more. With us, your golf trip extends beyond the course, immersing you in the rich culture and traditions of Ireland.

Ready for your next golfing adventure? Contact NI Golf Tours today and let’s tailor-make your dream Ireland golf trip!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ireland Golf Trips

Why choose Ireland for a golf trip?

Ireland offers a unique blend of traditional and modern golf courses set amidst breathtaking landscapes. The unpredictable Irish weather adds an extra layer of challenge, making the golfing experience truly one of a kind.

How does NI Golf Tours customise the trips?

At NI Golf Tours, we understand every golfer’s unique needs. From selecting the right courses based on your skill level to organising additional leisure activities, we personalise every aspect of your trip, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Are transportation and accommodations included?

Yes, NI Golf Tours provides all-inclusive packages. From the moment you land in Ireland until your departure, we handle all transportation and accommodation needs, allowing you to focus solely on your golfing experience.

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